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Private Gripweed indulges his sweet tooth.

I am attempting, with only partial success, to stay off my computer. I find, like so many of us, that frequent exposure to Facebook and Twitter makes my mind feel like the bottom of a birdcage; and on top of that, I was in production for Bystander pretty much every day since July 1. So my tanks were low, and this was necessary.

Slowly, very slowly, my personality is coming back, and as it reemerges I find myself entertaining happy obsessions like The Beatles and the Sixties that surrounded them. (In the last 24 hours I saw interesting documentaries on Scotty Bowers and Radio Unnameable, and I just started one on William Colby.) So I would like to throw it open to the commentariat: is there anything you’d like us to address? Any topics you’ve felt we haven’t covered? Put ’em in the comments.

It was gratifying to read in the comments to my recent post on Paul that HD readers don’t mind reading my “vinegary takes on John’s Dakota years, or Paul’s possible codependence, or George’s weirdly bipolar saint-sinner act through the 70s.” But I increasingly mind writing them, because I feel that their fundamentally personal, critical nature isn’t balanced by the wonder that was The Beatles. I mean, after all is said and done, I like these four guys. I have no problem speaking about the rumors that Brian Epstein was murdered over Seltaeb, or John’s claiming to be Jesus himself at a 1968 meeting; those bits of grime and folly appear on the chassis of something unquestionably beautiful and undeniably important. But examining Paul’s likely marijuana addiction and its relationship to Give My Regards to Broadstreet…it’s a drag.

So I’d ask that, if at all possible, your suggestions skew towards the years the Beatles were active as a group. But if you just GOTTA ask, “What do you think John Lennon would’ve done with the Spear of Longinus?”* well, it’s a free country. Or, blog. You know what I mean.

*Well, for one thing, he would’ve made sure Mick Jagger and Paul Simon never sniffed the Billboard Top 100.