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I must admit that I love a good Beatles mashup, and after Stephen Kroninger shared the following one today, I thought: “What are the best Beatles mashups? This sounds like a job for the Dullblog Commentariat!”

Put your faves in the comments; if I like ’em, I’ll move ’em to this post.

Whole Lotta Helter Skelter (Beatles & Led Zeppelin)

The one below’s a bit of a cheat, given that The Monkees were the best Beatles impression Hollywood songwriters could create. But I like it.

Paperback Believer (Beatles & Monkees)

A bit awkward in places, but the guitar break makes it for me.

You Only Live Tomorrow (Beatles & Nancy Sinatra)

This one actually made me like the melody of “For No One” even more, which I didn’t think was possible.

For No Bop (Beatles & Ramones)

I listened to this one and thought, “Wow. Music has really changed.”

Let It Be Me (Beatles & Shaggy)
Come Closer Together (Beatles & NIN)

I couldn’t resist this one.

Beatles & Earth, Wind & Fire (Falling In September)
Karma In the Life (Beatles & Radiohead)

I could go on all day, and I know I’m forgetting some…Put any worthies in the comments.