Peter Fonda 1939-2019

Michael Gerber
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Actor and acclaimed Beatle tangent (“At a party at the Playboy Mansion in 1965, Lennon overheard…”) Peter Fonda died this week at age 79. As I said in this earlier post, I met him at a party in 2009, and we talked Fabs. He was tall and gracious and looked just like, well, Peter Fonda. George was his favorite Beatle, but the song he inspired was John’s.

Dullblogger Devin wrote an acclaimed biography of Peter’s dad Henry (link goes to Amazon), so maybe he has something interesting to share. I’ll reach out. Meanwhile, my verdict: Good guy. Good song. Good life.

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  1. Avatar Justin McCann wrote:

    Easy Rider’s the only film I’ve seen him in, but I love it in all its dated, self-indulgent glory. Open to other recommendations.

  2. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    Ulee’s Gold is a masterpiece in my opinion.

    He also had a good part in The Limey.

    I’ve never seen Easy Rider all the way through, just scenes here and there in documentaries. But I had the famous motorcycle poster in my room when I was a teenager; the one where they flip the bird at the rednecks.

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