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Beatles 1964 collage filtered

Four little-known musicians from Liverpool, 1964

MIKE GERBER • We’ve linked to the devilishly delightful site Willard’s Wormholes before, and in the process of fixing that link this morning, I found a wonderful something I just had to pass along.

My love for 1964’s Oh-Shit-Christmas-Is-Coming LP Beatles For Sale is almost as idiosyncratic as my affection for psychedelia.* Truth be told, I think my love began when I heard Malcolm McDowell’s almost ominous descriptions of the period in “The Compleat Beatles”. (“Haggard”…”windswept”…am I making this up? I distinctly remember it.) It’s the backside of Beatlemania that I’m always more interested in.

Anyway, this post allows you to listen to the Fabs constructing “I’m a Loser” from that lovely, though admittedly minor, album. Enjoy.


*I think this is getting out of hand. I spent most of an hour this morning listening happily to The Stones’ instrumental tracks for Satanic Majesties.

That is something I’d never thought I’d type.

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