Michael Gerber
Ya follow?
Lennon with a “UFO Detector,” 1965. Photo by Brian Duffy.

October 9th is, as every Beatle fan knows, John Lennon’s birthday. I am sure he is celebrating along with us, probably on some distant planet. (“Dear People of Earth, all I want for my birthday is an impeachment. You know who.”)

An old family friend sent me a link to an article: “Five Things You Didn’t Know About John Lennon.” I knew them, and you would too, so I’m not linking to it. But that led me to another site about Lennon’s famous 1974 UFO encounter (which we talked about here).

John’s drawing describing 1974’s Close Encounter of the Beatle Kind.

And that site led me to Urigeller.com, the site of the famous psychic and definitely John Lennon’s type of guy. From the site:

“[John Lennon and I] were in Manhattan in the mid-1970s,” Geller says. “John and I were sitting at a table when he started talking about UFOs – he brought up the subject himself. So I said to him, ‘You know John, not only do I believe in UFOs, but I’ve seen UFOs and I’ve photographed them.’ John then took me to a quieter corner and told me a story.
“One night he was lying in his bed in the Dakota building where he lived in New York and suddenly noticed an extremely bright light pouring in from around the edges of the bedroom door. It was so powerful, he thought it was someone aiming a searchlight through his apartment.
“He got up, crossed to the door and flung it open. The next thing he could remember were four thin-looking figures. He said that the figures came over to him as he just stood there. Two of them held his hands and the other two gently pushed his legs and he was gently guided into this tunnel of light. He was shown all of his life, just like watching a movie, and he told me it was the most outstandingly beautiful thing he’d ever seen.
“John recalled something being given to him. That was all he remembered, but when he opened his hand there was this odd-looking, not quite egg-shaped, ball of metal – very smooth and very heavy, about an inch or so wide.
“I was astounded. I said it sounded like an alien encounter and he seemed to agree and said that he couldn’t think of another explanation himself. He was very serious about the incident but also funny about it.
“Then he put his hand in his pocket, pulled out the object the aliens had given him and gave it to me.
“When I touched it I felt a deep sadness – I don’t know why – it was like a loneliness. Maybe it was a premonition about his murder, but anyway, that was John’s alien story and it happened in the middle of New York.”
“He gave the object to me and I didn’t want to accept it. I said, ‘Isn’t this precious to you? I think you should have it.’
“I have had this since the day he gave it to me,” Geller said. “I really cherish it.”

According to the site, here’s the “Egg.” Quite a nice birthday present. But knowing John, I bet he’d like an impeachment even better.