Please, if you’re legally able to do so in the United States, get out and vote today. If you have an absentee or mail ballot, drop it off at an authorized collection place (preferably one that is attended by an actual person), and track the status of your ballot online.

I believe that most of us who contribute to or read this blog are drawn to the Beatles at least in part because their music offers us a measure of hope and encouragement. They wrote plenty of songs about sadness, and even despair. They  didn’t shy away from the complexity of reality, but there’s a reason the Beatles are popularly associated with hopefulness. For all their flaws, they did want the world to be a better, fairer place. And today, that’s a vote for Biden and Harris.

Best wishes to all of you: stay safe today, and stay sane. Check out or another reliable source if you need poll information or if you need to report voter intimidation. It’s my fervent hope that today may mark the beginning of a brighter future and that we’ll have good reason to sing “Here Comes The Sun.”