Who should I interview at The Fest?

I just booked my hotel for LA’s edition of The Fest For Beatles Fans, and am incredibly psyched. I plan to spend this coming weekend immersed in sun-drenched SoCal Beatledom, writing down things to share with you. I also hope to interview as many people as I can, but I want to know who you’d like most, so I’ve embedded a poll below. Vote for the guests you’d like me to try to corner, and I’ll make a special effort to chat with your favorites.

Put suggestions for questions in the Comments!


  1. Avatar John Medd wrote:

    Are they all passing themselves off as Fifth Beatles? Talk to Mr. Badfinger. Their story is every bit as interesting as the Fabs; if not more so.

  2. Avatar hologram sam wrote:

    Not sure if Joey Molland has anything valuable to say; the most interesting members of Badfinger are long gone.
    I’d like to know more about what John Lennon was planning post-1980.

  3. Avatar Nancy Carr wrote:

    I voted for:

    Bruce Spizer (whose books are as well-researched as Mark Lewisohn’s Beatles history);

    Denny Laine (the most interesting ex-Wing, IMO);

    Freda Kelly;

    Peter Asher;

    and Andrew Grant Jackson, whose book on the solo Beatles I found interesting.

    I think Joey Molland could be interesting too. And please find out what “Michelle My Pelle” is. Send photos if possible!

    • Email me questions Nancy — I’ll be able to do some research before Friday, but not as much as I’d like. Freda Kelly I know about — or as much as the doc showed. The others, I’ll try to swot up on a little beforehand, and any intelligent questions will help.

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