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Artist Marijke Kroger of the Dutch art collective The Fool shares some wonderful memories here, including lots about our fellas.

I’ve posted about the psychedelic moment in art and culture before, and what always strikes me is how brief it was. It began in earnest no earlier than 1965, and by 1968 was rapidly being replaced by a harder, more ironic, more intellectual style that is still in vogue today. After 1968, the post-Pop part of Warhol that made him dismiss Yoko Ono as “corny” became the dominant flavor of contemporary art.

But the psychedelic moment was so powerful and distinctive that it still elicits response today…unlike, say, minimalism or Op Art, which is likely to bring a shrug. But people still either love or hate the psychedelic style. I believe Psychedelia is largely what the Punks were reacting against fully ten years later; its softness and color, its looking back to Victoriana or Edwardiana or Nouveau or Deco, and most of all, its Utopianism. All those things redeem its excesses for me, and the truths it encloses are no less challenging than the ugliness that came after.