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I have been busy with other stuff and just saw Nancy’s wonderful Beatle Cars post. As a fan of 60s sports cars and the Fabs, I have just too much to say for a comment. If you want to afford any of these cars, you can try your luck winning a bucket-load of cash on sites such as 해외정식사이트.

John’s 1965 Phantom V—For example, did Nancy mention that Lennon’s famous psychedelic Rolls had a backseat that converted into a double bed? (I foresee no problems at all with that, Cyn.)  And also the first blackened privacy windows seen in the UK (ditto) but a totally recognizable paint job? If that doesn’t epitomize John Lennon’s relationship to fame, I don’t know what does. One of Lennon’s customizations in his Rolls was a floating record player with perfect balance, so that it could be used regardless of stops and bumps. The better to boom out “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” I guess. There was also a refrigerator; the thing weighed three tons—put a toilet in there, and John would never have to leave. The horn also played “Lili Marlene.” Les Anthony drove him all the way to Spain in it to film How I Won The War; that fucked the Rolls up to the extent that it had to be overhauled (and made into the perfect psychedelic chariot as any fule kno).

Ringo’s Standard Vanguard—This is pre-Zephyr Zodiac.

Ringo’s Zephyr Zodiac—This is a bill for repairs after Ringo jacked up the grille hitting a dog. (I can’t imagine the dog survived, poor thing.)

George’s 1955 Ford Anglia—George had this car when he passed his driver’s test at age 17. People say it was the first car he ever owned, but given the financial circumstances of the Harrison family, that would puzzle me.

Ringo’s 1964 Facel Vega—Ringo bought this “right off the stand” at the 1964 London Auto Show.

George’s 1964 Jaguar E-type—Supposedly bought for George by Brian Epstein as a 21st birthday present. Probably my favorite Beatle car ever. One of the things I love about Santa Monica is there are several E-types that cruise around, kindling my ambition. Unfortunately, my vision is probably worse than John Lennon’s.

Paul’s 1966 Aston-Martin DB6—Nancy mentioned this, but what I found interesting was that it was Paul’s “daily drive” during the Sixties. Beautiful car; it was good to be a Beatle. Astons were popular with the Fabs—Paul ordered a DB5 in June 1964; George liked Paul’s so much that he ordered one himself.

John’s 1967 Iso Fidia—This Italian sedan designed by Ghia (of Karmann-Ghia fame) was billed as “The World’s Four Fastest Seats.” According to this article, “The second Fidia made, and the first with right hand drive, was purchased by John Lennon. This was October 1967, at the London Motor Show.

Paul’s 1968 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2—A rare right-hand drive, purchased in early 1968.

John’s 1970 Mercedes Benz 600 PullmanAt the time John ordered it, it was the most expensive car in the world. Only 428 of these were made, and the interior was sweet as well. There’s a definite “dictator” vibe to this car; perfect for a guy battling paranoia. He sold it to George in 1971, when he and Yoko left for New York.

And an honorable mention…
John’s 1971 Austin Princess Hearse—Big and luxurious, and John supposedly outfitted it with aircraft seats for comfort.

I went all over the internet looking at Beatle cars, but here’s a great one-stop source:
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