Anti-Beatle Songs

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The AV Club lists 18 anti-Beatles songs. (Readers of my other blog might recall a post about Sissy Spacek’s song contra Two Virgins, included on this AV Club list.)

Has anyone heard of this one?

4. The Exterminators, “Beetle-Bomb”The mysterious,
little-known, mostly instrumental group The Exterminators specialized in
the kind of R&B-slanted dance numbers that were huge in the
mid-’60s. An inordinate number of those songs bore ostensibly
anti-Beatles titles, including “Beatle Wig Party,” “Beatle Stomp,” and
“Stomp ’Em Out”—which was perhaps only natural, considering the band’s
name. With “The Beetle-Bomb,” however, The Exterminators got a little
more personal. Parodying “She Loves You” as well as The Fab Four’s
accents (both badly), the suddenly vocal group lays down a generic surf
riff as a backer for its anti-Beatle sentiments: “Hey, old chap, I’m not
putting you on / Here come The Beatles, get the Beetle-Bomb!” Following
that zinger are cracks of the snare drum and hissing from the band
members—intended to sound like someone alternately stepping on bugs and
spraying them with insecticide.

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