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Turtle_DiaryAs mentioned before, my introduction to a new edition of Russell Hoban’s Turtle Diary compares it to “Eleanor Rigby.” A version of the essay can now be read at Slate.

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  1. Lovely, Ed. You’ve been extolling this book for years and finally the chance came to release your pent-up ecstasies. Top of my list of things to do this day, my free Sunday in New York: Go up to Barnes & Noble and pick up a copy of Turtle Diary.

    For those of you who may not know it (because he is modest), Ed is a heavy hitter: one of the best critics in America right now. If he lends his nod to something, you pay attention.

  2. Sorry, Turtle Diaries!

  3. Thanks, Dev!

    Actually you were right the first time — Turtle Diary, singular!

    I wonder how this fits into MG’s musings on “Transatlantic” art. The two narrators are British, but Hoban was American — he moved to London in the ’60s and wound up spending half his life there

  4. Picked up a copy at the Strand a couple hours ago (along with VN’s Original of Laura in the shrink-wrap!) and read your intro in full. I especially liked your presaging of an adult theme in Hoban’s much earlier children’s book about Frances.

    Riddley Walker has defeated me more than once.

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