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Michael Gerber
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It’s amazing how many men used to wear horn-rimmed glasses, isn’t it?

For those of you with a little extra scratch, two Beatles vinyl rarities are up for sale: number A0000001 of The White Album, and a copy of Sgt Pepper with various Capitol execs dotting the crowd in the background.

The White Album, which was purchased in 1989 for $1000 (seems cheap even for then), is expected to fetch—well, it has an opening bid of $10,000, so God knows.

The Pepper, on the other hand, has an opening bid of $15,000.

You can read a bit more about this White LP over at Dangerous Minds; I’ve pasted the COA they reproduced below.

PS—Devin’s birthday is coming up. Just sayin’.

(h/t Dangerous Minds)

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