Of course you want a Beatles face mask!

Michael Gerber
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It was 20 years ago today
you didn’t have to walk around wearing a goddamn facemask

If you want a Beatles face mask, and of course you do, here’s where to order one.

If the zombie apocalypse comes, there will be Beatles-themed machetes. (Not officially licensed, but still.)

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  1. Avatar Tasmin wrote:

    Thank you Michael!!! I’ve been using a make shift mask with elastic hair ties. This will be so much better!!

  2. Avatar jim t wrote:

    Hard pass. However, I WOULD wear a Stones themed one, featuring the tongue & lips logo! it just makes more sense!

  3. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    My wife has been making masks and mailing them to friends and family. She sewed me a nice black one for my weekly safaris to the grocery store where I search for cat food, toilet paper, and hand soap.

    I’ve been listening to a variety of Beatle covers, mostly instrumental. These gentlemen do an enjoyable version of “Get Back” while observing proper social distancing rules:

  4. Avatar kristy wrote:

    Any of these I’d wear on a tee-shirt, but not on a mask, thanks. Though it seems like masks will become the new baseball hats as far as customizable accessories. It’s amazing that people around the world have only been satisfied with those plain white surgical masks for so many years.

    (Though I do wonder just how breathable these fancy masks are?)

  5. Avatar Michelle wrote:

    They don’t have a White Album mask and that’s the only one I’d wear.

  6. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    The Beatles (parody) sing “Dr. Fauci”

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