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“You’re right, she DOES look like Alma Cogan…”

A lot of people have asked how you might help the blog, so I’m always looking for painless (read: free) ways you can show your HD-love. I just found one.

The Brave browser works just like Chrome, but is faster, more private, and more secure. I’ve been using it for three weeks now and really like it.

Give it a spin. If you use this link, we’ll get a small kickback.

There’s another neat aspect to Brave, in that you can earn money by opting in to ads. They block the crappy ads you don’t get paid to look at, and (if you want) show you unobtrusive ones and pay you a tiny bit for each one.

Also: you can send “tips” or schedule regular payments to things online — Twitter posts, websites (ahem!), and so forth.

But I wouldn’t be telling you all this if I wasn’t using it right now, and finding it much faster and just as easy to use as Chrome. Here’s the link again, if you prefer to cut ‘n’ paste: https://brave.com/hey909.