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King of Fuh

The Chicago Tribune’s Greg Kot talks to Olivia Harrison and Giles Martin about the impending release of Early Takes, Volume I, a new set of Harrison rarities from the early solo period. According to them, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Says Martin, “You get very excited when you see a tape box marked, ‘George, Eric (Clapton), Ringo (Starr) and Klaus (Voorman),’ and then you listen and realize it’s just hours of them chatting in the studio. But other times you stumble across something really great. You are digging for gold, and there was a lot there.”

“Exploring My Own Twisted Mind, Part I”
As I grow older, and become more interested in life and death and the meaning of it all, George is pulling ahead as the “interesting Beatle.” Far as I can tell from the outside, it seems that he continued to evolve as a person, while John, Paul, and Ringo largely remained the same guys they were in 1968. Nothing wrong with that, but George is a fascinating dude. I would love to listen to him talking, because I suspect he got into some pretty deep waters and, being who he was, received counsel from some fairly difficult to meet dispensers of esoterica.