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Courtesy of commenter @Karen (anybody know how I can link to her commenter profile?), here’s a very interesting little snippet (possibly from LWT’s “Weekend World,” 06 April 1973), where John Lennon says a few words on Allen Klein, his soon-to-be ex-manager.

As stated many times, John wasn’t always so quick to admit when he’d made an error in judgment; he’d enter into relationships proclaiming their perfection—and, naturally, his brilliance for arranging them—and if they’d go south, he’d back out quietly. In other words, the guy was a human being.

What’s particularly interesting to me is how John seems to be very aware of the legal ramifications of the interview. He takes care to say nothing definite; a comment like “amazing” could be read any number of ways, if/when he had to testify in court. Contrast that to the Lennon of just a few years earlier, where not only would he say whatever fool thing popped into his head, he seemed to believe that doing so was some sort of natural right, and that it made him just a bit better than your typical person.

All this goes to show that there is a point where more data actually begins to obscure the person—it seemingly tells you less. John Lennon’s activities were filmed/recorded so obsessively that it’s difficult to pin him down—because he changed, as we all do, based on time and mood and circumstance. So John Lennon on Allen Klein would contain love and hate and every emotion in-between…and that goes double for someone like Paul.