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The many faces (and bodies) of The Profumo Affair.

Since everybody seemed to enjoy last week’s post on Another Kind of Mind, a podcast offering some interesting new angles on Beatles analysis, I wanted to offer up another Beatle-related podcast I’d run across recently: Swinging Through The Sixties.

Though the podcast is Beatle-tilted, it also has quite a bit of general Sixties topics and talk, so that’s even more up my alley. I’m currently listening to Episode #25, “The Beatles’ Unrealized Album.” (Once again, a topic we’ve discussed endlessly.) This podcast is worth listening to from the first bit with George, which emphasizes his curiously pro-Beatles outlook in 1969 and 1970.

I’m still working through the lot of ’em, but the one I enjoyed the most was, not surprisingly, the episode that touched on an historical event that’s interested me for decades, The Profumo Affair. The hosts put the UK’s Watergate under the microscope, and add the rising tide of Beatlemania in for context.

It’s here—take a listen and let me know what you think.