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Paperback Writer Portuguese EP

Dig the lineup on this EP. Way to confuse Portuguese fans, EMI.

Eagle-eared commenter Bill Garrity writes to say:
“I was just listening to ‘Paperback Writer’ and wondered if anybody noticed some flubs along with background noise — coughs, extraneous breathing, muttering, etc. Notable are the following:
0:08-0:10 extraneous breathing
0:57 cough
1:19-1:21 missed cue on background vocal
1:45-1:48 extraneous breath, sniffling or something like that, someone practicing a background vocal.
Let me know!”

Can you hear these, and any more? Let Bill know in the comments!

PS—Certainly filming this video was a mistake. Most Bored Beatles Ever.

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  1. Avatar tomg wrote:

    What goes on cataloged these a long time ago:

    Website sez it was last updated in 2010, so it was at least 3+ years ago. (I myself have never bothered to try to verify the existence of these anomalies. But at least one person other than Bill has heard them.)

  2. As far as I’m concerned, the Beatles never made mistakes — you have to redefine your idea of perfection.

  3. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    Beatle songs are full of imperfections like this, some barely perceptible unless you listen closely with headphones. They were never too polished, unlike many albums of the ’70s, when producers had endless tracks to play with, and they smoothed everything over until the end product was “perfect” and boring. On the primitive four-track Beatle songs you could hear little mistakes, giggles, extra noise (I’m convinced someone brought a dog’s squeak toy to the White Album sessions; it can be clearly heard on several tracks) and other rough edges. Lennon said they purposely created some imperfections (like missing a bass note on “Day Tripper”) just to see if anyone noticed.

  4. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    I love this video. Here John and George were the definition of mid-60s cool. Theirs was the look that McGuinn, Crosby, Gene Clark, and hundreds of beat group aspirants desperately tried to copy (and failed in the attempt). Poor Paul was game but self-conscious about his appearance—and he was the lead singer! Can you imagine a contemporary musical group ploughing ahead to film a video with one of its’ musicians still recovering from a disfiguring accident? For our sake, I’m glad Brian Epstein and the Boys went through with it, but I am surprised Brian didn’t scrap the video shoot.

  5. Avatar Paula wrote:

    We all know that is Paul communicating from beyond the grave.

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