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Reader Rupa S. pointed me to this great clip of George Harrison and Ravi Shankar from 1968 (before George decided to stick to guitar).

RIP, Ravi Shankar. Glad to be alive at the same time you were.

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  1. Avatar Nancy Carr wrote:

    RIP indeed. Impossible to imagine the Beatles’ late-60s music, especially Harrison’s contributions to it, without Shankar.

    I’ve always loved “Wonderwall Music,” the 1968 soundtrack Harrison masterminded, for the mix of British and Indian musical sensibilities on it. This album is, IMO, grossly underrated and overlooked.

  2. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    Nice clip. But at the risk of sounding terribly pedantic, this was NOT filmed in Rishikesh, as the YouTube posting claims. It was filmed at Big Sur in California. (See “The Complete Beatles Chronicle” by Mark Lewisohn, listing for June 10, 1968.)

  3. Anon, this is why I love Hey Dullblog. Thank you.

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