Ringo Starr says Give Peace A Chance


Ringo Starr has joined the growing list of musicians who are cancelling performances in North Carolina/Mississippi in protest of new laws which, in an attempt to protect the masses from the transgender menace in public bathrooms (note sarcasm) removes legal protections for LGBT persons.

Peace and Love, Ringo, we love yah.

(If you’re not up on the goings on, here’s a video to bring you up to speed.)

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  1. Avatar Chantal wrote:

    Though I feel bad for the fans who are missing out, I’m very much applauding the decision. I hope many artists will follow, and I definitely hope Paul will do his bit by not adding any tour dates in those states until that awful law has been repealed.

  2. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    I saw these comments on the LGM blog about the bill:

    we’re only hearing about the anti-Gay aspects of this horrible bill. On the one hand: it’s nice that this form of bigotry is now so outrageous and unacceptable that the gay- and trans- bashing aspects are the main avenue of attack on the bill. But: the bill does so, so much more!

    It apparently invalidates state laws against age discrimination and other unjust causes of job loss:
    One of the least discussed aspects of the state’s new discrimination law is the fact that is strikes down an employee’s right to sue a company for wrongful termination.
    But now with HB2, Compton can no longer file suit in state court. His only avenue is to go federal.
    Said Van Kampen, “That’s because the law virtually eliminated the North Carolina prohibition on discrimination based on, in Rick’s case, age, disability.”

    Thirty years of legal precedent vanished overnight.

    “We immediately had to pick up a phone and call all of our clients and say they had just lost half their claims,” Van Kampen said.

    The law also prevents local areas from having minimum wages higher than the rest of the state does.

    It’s an anti-human bill, really

    • Karen Hooper Karen Hooper wrote:


      Edited to add: this, from the ACLU:

      RALEIGH — North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) today issued an executive order that maintains House Bills 2’s provisions that force transgender people to use the wrong restroom while prohibiting workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity for state employees.

      The news follows the passage of House Bill 2, a measure that removes existing protections for gay and transgender people, blocks other localities from enacting protections, erodes existing rights for everyone under state nondiscrimination law, and forces transgender individuals to use the wrong restroom in schools and other government buildings.

      In response, ACLU of North Carolina Acting Executive Director Sarah Preston said the following:

      “Gov. McCrory’s actions today are a poor effort to save face after his sweeping attacks on the LGBT community, and they fall far short of correcting the damage done when he signed into law the harmful House Bill 2, which stigmatizes and mandates discrimination against gay and transgender people. With this executive order, LGBT individuals still lack legal protections from discrimination, and transgender people are still explicitly targeted by being forced to use the wrong restroom.

      “An impressive and growing number of businesses, faith leaders, and public figures have come out to condemn House Bill 2 as an unnecessary and dangerous measure that unfairly targets gay and transgender people. Regardless of political affiliation, more and more political leaders also understand that discrimination is bad for business and politically toxic. The public believes in equality and fairness and House Bill 2 and measures like it are out of step with the values of most Americans.

      “Efforts to divide the LGBT community by extending limited protections but leaving in place the rules mandating discrimination against the transgender community will only strengthen our resolve to fight back against this discriminatory and misguided legislative action. We call on Gov. McCrory and the North Carolina legislature to repeal House Bill 2 and replace it with full non-discrimination protections for all LGBT people.”

      Lambda Legal, the ACLU, and the ACLU of North Carolina recently filed a lawsuit challenging House Bill 2. The lawsuit argues that through HB 2, North Carolina sends a purposeful message that LGBT people are second-class citizens who are undeserving of the privacy, respect, and protections afforded others in the state. The complaint argues that HB 2 is unconstitutional because it violates the Equal Protection and Due Process clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment by discriminating on the basis of sex and sexual orientation and invading the privacy of transgender people. The law also violates Title IX by discriminating against students and school employees on the basis of sex.

      The Obama administration is presently considering whether North Carolina’s House Bill 2 makes the state ineligible for billions of dollars in federal aid for schools, highways, and housing. North Carolina receives more than $4.5 billion in federal funding for secondary and post-secondary schools, all of which remains at jeopardy given the state’s policy of systemically violating Title IX, which prohibits sex discrimination, including discrimination against transgender students.

    • Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

      The LGM blog I saw the comment in is here:

      It just a preview of what a Cruz presidency would look like.

  3. Go Richie! He definitely walks the walk when it comes to ‘peace and love’.

    My brother lives in NC and keeps me informed of the retarded direction that the current gov. and legislature took in the past decade. NC was once evolving into a beacon of enlightenment (relatively speaking) in the new south.

    Since then, tax breaks for millionaires, green lights for carcinogen polluters, and the gutting of K-12 education have left it a place to be avoided at all costs (or until the people have finally had enough and vote their fat bums out of office).

    • Karen Hooper Karen Hooper wrote:

      This entire debacle makes the rest of us (by that I mean non-Americans) shake our heads. I feel so sorry for all the thoughtful, intelligent Americans out there, especially in the south, who have to live with this.

      • Karen,

        I can only imagine the collective jaw dropping (and not in a good way) that the rest of the world must experience as they watch the USA 2016 election as the republican party races to the bottom. Talk about loonies.

        Thank goodness I am a delegate committed to Miss Hillary for President! I would LOVE to see Madam President Clinton.

        Oh, to be a fly on the wall when future President Hillary Clinton first meets German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Two power Queen Bees!

        • Karen Hooper Karen Hooper wrote:

          Hillary is smart as a whip and so is her husband. I’d love to see a debate between Trump and Hillary. She’d eat him for breakfast. 🙂

          • Hillary is also one of the toughest women I have ever met. I was a hard core Obama supporter in 2008. That said, Hillary amazed me when she kept going up until the last primary in Puerto Rico (it was June 2008). She is as tough as any man who has ever walked this green earth.

            A woman’s place is in the house – the WHITE house.

  4. Avatar Water Galls wrote:

    Hallelujah Ringo!
    SMH as I watch fear, loathing, bigotry, stupidity rear it’s ugly head, making the U.S. the laughing stock of the world. Why some people want to claw and crawl back to the dark ages is beyond me.

    • =>Why some people want to claw and crawl back to the dark ages is beyond me.

      Yup. It is a contest between rational people who want to help foster a sustainable planet earth, and those blithering irrational souls who will not be happy until humankind collapses back into some god awful plague infested stone age of ignorance.

  5. Avatar Water Falls wrote:

    That’s Water Falls! (stupid phone typing)

  6. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    Any Hamilton fans out there? I read an interview with Alex Lacamoire, the play’s musical director. He admitted to some hidden Beatle references in the score:

    He says “You’ll Be Back” has a bunch of Beatles references in the orchestration, with nods to “Mr. Kite,” “Getting Better,” and “Penny Lane.”

  7. Avatar Water Falls wrote:

    I remember when I was about 6 or 7 years old, first grade, I was so curious about why we children were shepherded into separate boys and girls restrooms at school. Mind you, I didn’t have brothers, only two older sisters, we three close in age. Now at our home, and at everybody elses home that we knew, everybody shared the same bathroom, in turn of course. I don’t remember asking a teacher or any other adult about it, but I do remember, plotting to see for myself what the boys bathroom was about. I waited until the bell rang for everybody to get to class and the hall way cleared empty, with my heart pounding I snuck into the boys bathroom to have a look around. I stayed close to the door and looked all around and was astonished that it was just like the girls restroom except for one thing. The boys also had odd looking water fountains against the walls! ‘NO FAIR!’, I thought, ‘They gave the boys more than the us girls!’ Then I heard a flush, and beat it out of there before I could be seen, arriving in class just a little later. I knew if I complained to a teacher that the boys got water fountains and girls didn’t, I’d be telling on myself, of what I did to find out. I learned later as I got older just what those water fountains REALLY were.

    Decades later, I was told by a gossipy co-worker in a hushed conspiratorial whisper, that one of our co-workers was transgendered and uses “the ladies” just like the rest of us. “Who?” nosey me asked in disbelief, because I couldn’t tell which one of us she could possibly be talking about. The woman she pointed out was a lovely young woman with beautiful long hair, who was friendly when engaged but mostly kept to herself, minding her own business, making me suspect my fellow gossiper might just be jealous of the young woman in question. I said, “Well IF, she is so what? She not bothering anybody.” Then she said, “Well I don’t want some ‘man’ trying to do something or look at me while I’m in there!” I rolled my eyes and said “Please!” Just sharing these two episodes in my life as it very loosely ties in with the whole LGBT rights and bathrooms that is raging in the hearts and minds of bigots looking for a problem they’ve legislated a solution for.

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