Stop And Smell The Daisies

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Anybody know where and when this was taken? Bangor, 1967?

Lennon smelling a daisy

Stop and smell the daisies

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  1. Chris Dingman Chris Dingman wrote:

    Are those bent-back tulips in the background?

  2. Avatar King Kevin wrote:

    I would say Bangor, 1967, too. Haven’t many color photos from that episode.

  3. Avatar Dan wrote:

    Yep, it’s Bangor. Here’s a pic of all four Beatles. Same flowers, same jacket.

  4. Avatar Dan wrote:

    I like this one best. The pens and notepad, just like a student!

  5. Karen Hooper Karen Hooper wrote:

    Bangor, according to this site:

    “…they had a private audience with the Maharishi and all three of the Beatles and their wives, along with Paul’s girlfriend Jane Asher decided to head to Bangor in North Wales the following day where he was to hold a seminar at a teacher training college over the weekend; Ringo and Maureen went too, along with, Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull. Together with the Maharishi they all left Euston Station on a train.

    All that is, except Cynthia Lennon. There was such a large crowd at Euston that Cynthia became separated from John after a policeman refused to let her through the barrier to the train, which meant that Neil Aspinall, the band’s road manager, had to drive her to North Wales.”

    • Bangor, most definitely.

      At the time, there was a news foto that made the daily papers showing Cynthia standing on the train platform crying as the train pulled out with all four Beatles and three wives/girlfriends aboard and on their way to Bangor Wales. She had missed the train. A girl friend looked at dejected Cynthia and said, “She and John are headed for a divorce”.

      Nine months later, John suddenly showed up with Yoko and announced that he had left Cynthia. The same friend remarked, “Remember that picture of Cynthia crying at the station? I told you their marriage was over.” Ladies intuition?

      I always thought that Cynthia got the short end of the stick with John.

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