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Singer-songwriter Mark Britton

Man on a mission-style chair: Singer-songwriter Mark Britton

Singer-songwriter (and devoted Dullblog reader) Mark Britton recently pointed me to his latest collection of songs, called “Odds and Sodd.” (Sodd is, apparently, a sort of empty-the-icebox Norwegian soup.) “Odds and Sodd” is very Beatle-influenced, he wrote me, and Mark Britton don’t lie. I’m listening to it right now, and really enjoying it.

Take a listen here on Soundcloud.

Which tracks does Mark think Dullbloggers should start with? “I’d suggest ‘Family Guy’ as probably the most Beatley. Followed by Dear Rosa.” But y’know, it’s all sounding damn good to me — I’m whistling “Sally Ann” at this very moment. It’s tight, hooky pop, well-balanced and smartly done.

Thanks for the heads up, Mark! Folks, check it out — I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I have. (My neighbor just called and I played some to him over the phone.)