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Singer-songwriter Mark Britton

Man on a mission-style chair: Singer-songwriter Mark Britton

Singer-songwriter (and devoted Dullblog reader) Mark Britton recently pointed me to his latest collection of songs, called “Odds and Sodd.” (Sodd is, apparently, a sort of empty-the-icebox Norwegian soup.) “Odds and Sodd” is very Beatle-influenced, he wrote me, and Mark Britton don’t lie. I’m listening to it right now, and really enjoying it.

Take a listen here on Soundcloud.

Which tracks does Mark think Dullbloggers should start with? “I’d suggest ‘Family Guy’ as probably the most Beatley. Followed by Dear Rosa.” But y’know, it’s all sounding damn good to me — I’m whistling “Sally Ann” at this very moment. It’s tight, hooky pop, well-balanced and smartly done.

Thanks for the heads up, Mark! Folks, check it out — I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I have. (My neighbor just called and I played some to him over the phone.)

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  1. Avatar Mark Britton wrote:

    Thanks for mentioning the album, Michael. I’m happy to take questions fellow Dullbloggers…

  2. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    Question 1: How was this recorded? Traditional analog tape? It has such a classic sound; a lot of air and space around the instruments.
    Question 2: How has the reaction been? My reason for asking is rooted somewhat in sadness over the decline of the music industry. If Odds and Sod had been released in 1977, you would have enjoyed the support of a deep-pocketed major label. it would have received extensive radio rotation. I would have heard it on WNEW from dj Scott Muni, it would have climbed the charts, and you would be a millionaire. Has there been any interest from what’s left of the music business? The tracks are great; I could see them being sampled for tv and film at least.
    The youtube video is charming, also. Seeing the toddler on the keyboard reminded me of when my sons were little, rather than the hulking giants they are now.

  3. Avatar Mark wrote:

    Thanks for the questions and compliments, Hologram Sam.

    Question 1

    Four of the songs were recorded at Priory Studios in Birmingham, United Kingdom. All digital, but we did ask for a more classic sound. These songs are: Hearts and Minds, Let’s Get Famous, Long Live Memory Lane and Family Guy. The rest I recorded in my home studio using Apple’s Logic Pro X. There are plugins for the software that give you that warm vintage sound, although I didn’t use them this time around. The tracks feature a lot of guitar from the Epiphone Casino and Gibson SG (instruments that were very popular with Beatles, especially Revolver era).

    Question 2

    I’ve had some really nice feedback about the tracks, which is always reassuring when you pour so much energy into making them. I’m gradually getting some exposure, but it’s very slow and under my own steam. I’ve not approached the music industry – what I’m doing is probably too niche for most of them. Instead I’m self promoting it and reaching people through things like this.

    It is sad how the industry has changed, but on a positive note, it means I’m not beholden to a record company: I can create the music, distribute it and tell fans about it very quickly. Just think how John Lennon wanted to get Instant Karma out so quickly – he’d have loved what we can do now! The down side is that I don’t have the cash to publicise it heavily… it’s a more organic approach, but that’s fine for me, I just enjoy writing and getting a reaction from people who appreciate my music.

    The video was recorded and edited on my phone! Just a bit a fun.

    Again, thank you for listening and taking an interest. All this encourages me to carry on!

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