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DJ Chris Holmes

LA-based DJ Chris Holmes. Now that I know what he looks like, maybe I’ll bump into him.

Rolling Stone comes in for a lot of licks here on Dullblog, mostly from me, mostly for its role in canonizing Lennon and demonizing McCartney in the early 70s. But they’ve gotten their act together since then, and the Stone‘s relentless Boomer-focus means that they do get into some interesting Beatle-related nooks and crannies.

This article for example, on McCartney’s DJ Chris Holmes. Holmes’ mixes have been warming up Paul’s crowd since 2009; he provided his set to, and I’ve been listening to it all night. (My cat is deaf, my wife tolerant — though “Temporary Secretary” did make her say, “Uh, we listen to this song a lot.”)

Anyway, Holmes’ mix is great stuff. There are a lot of interesting covers, and the Beatles/Wings/mashup aspect occupies a midpoint between the original tracks, and wider-ranging experiments like “Twin Freaks,” which is also damn fine, but maybe a bit outré for Paul’s concert crowd? I defer to our multipleMcCartney concertgoer Nancy; I blush to admit I’ve never seen Paul live. Something I plan to rectify in 2015.

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  1. Avatar Rob Geurtsen wrote:

    Great that link. I am going to listen to it all night, while writing a report for one of my clients. ‘For the record’ as they say in media business, Rolling Stone gets their licks and kicks deservedly. For as long as they haven’t confessed their sins toward (the art of) Paul McCartney and silly sanctification and denial of John Lennon’s reality, like Philip Norman apparently has done who acknowledge his negative depiction of McCartney was based ohi over happy thumbs up Wings image, more than the real character/personality, musician and artistic fella McCartney. Well Norman still has to prove some in his whenever upcoming biography of Paul McCartney.

    Explorer and creator of myths with no added value, except for his 1970 interview, Jann Wenner still has to come around, and to me ev’ry snippet in Rolling Stone will be judged accordingly, till the day I die. Yes… if I ever meet the guy… 🙂

  2. Avatar Craig wrote:

    This is totally awesome. I haven’t gotten through very much of it but so far I’m loving it. Thanks for the heads up, Mike. Can anybody provide a link to a DL of this song? A DL that will work on an iPhone?

  3. Avatar Terry Hamblin wrote:

    I just stumbled upon “Hey Dullblog” a week ago and find it to be remarkably fresh, much like the Macca mashup mix posted here. Much like the ‘Love’ CD from a few years back (though not as good), this mix has provided a new, an interesting approach to Macca’s catalog. The mix is a bit repetitive in spots, but still fun to listen to (how many times have you heard a reggae version of “carry That Weight” before?). Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, @Terry! Spread the word. The more reader interest we have, the easier it is to attract interesting interviews, guest posts, et cetera.

      I liked that reggae “Carry That Weight,” too!

  4. Avatar Eric Reynolds wrote:

    This guy is pretty great. It seems so easy, right? But this mix is something else…

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