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The mothership.

The mothership.

Can somebody die from too much Beatles? We’re about to find out!

Any readers going to the LA Fest who want to meet a Dullblogger in the flesh — and God, wouldn’t that be something to tell your grandkids? — send an email to the site. I’ll be checking it over the weekend. I’m usually somewhat shy and prefer to swim the seas of Fabdom incognito, but if there are a few of us, maybe we’ll do a meetup.

“Try these Riñgo Jalapeño Poppers, they’re super-spicy.”
“Ahh, I don’t think they’re any different than regular jalapeño poppers.”
“I disagree. I taste a definite je-ne-sais-Starr.”
“If only Devin and Nancy were here. They could tell us.”

More — I hope much more — to come.