The Beatles on Stella Street

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The Beatles on Stella Street? Yes, indeed — although I don’t think impressionists Phil Cornwell and John Sessions’ hearts are in those impressions. It’s not John and Paul, but the idea of John and Paul. (George and Ringo are even sketchier, and Yoko…aiyiyi.)

When they do people like Richard Burton, Michael Caine, or Larry Olivier (I can call him that because we share a driving instructor — really), there’s much more precision and juice there.

Thanks, Buck Turgidson, for this bit of Beatle comedy from BBC2.

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One Comment

  1. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    Is the neighbor “lady” with the knit cap and yellow scarf based on Gretchen Franklin? She is the charming neighbor lady in HELP! who says “wave, they expect it” ?

    I like how John & Paul have been reduced to a few broad stroke caricatures by impressionists. Like Cagney and Bogie for a previous generation. A visual/vocal shorthand, instantly recognizable. Impressionists imitating other impressionists. Like a thousand comedians doing either the John Byner Ed Sullivan, or the Will Jordan Ed Sullivan.

    How to do John: rapidly chew gum and talk scouse through nose. How to do Paul: bambi eye-roll and purse lips, wag head.

    The Mick Jagger character was fascinating, implying he inherited his stage mannerisms from his mom.

    Beatle comedy. Always fun to watch.

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