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If George were alive, he'd totally dig this magazine.

If George were alive, he’d totally dig this magazine.

I try to keep my non-Beatles activities separate from this blog, for obvious reasons. And being from the Midwest, I have a positive horror of self-promotion. (This has been exactly as helpful to my career as you might expect.) But several readers have asked me to tell everybody about my dayjob, on the chance that it is something y’all would like and want to support.

I run The American Bystander, a print humor quarterly with an amazing roster of writers and cartoonists. Every issue is chock-full of people from The Simpsons, Letterman, The Onion, and even National Lampoon (which we’ve spoken of on Dullblog). Bystander #3 is now being funded on Kickstarter, and I encourage any of you who like written humor or cartoons, or miss the good ol’ days of magazines, to go back it and reserve your copy.

Each Bystander is a softcover book and, in addition to being very funny, looks very nice. (This one, as you can see above, has a cover by the wonderful Drew Friedman.) Copies can be found in swanky offices and reception areas all around New York and Hollywood. Last July, The New York Times gave us a rave review. This week, Newsweek called us “the last great humor magazine.” (So we better make it count, huh?)

So if that sounds good, head on over to Kickstarter and sling us a few shekels. Buy an issue. Get a t-shirt. Naturally the more money Bystander makes, the more time I can devote to happy little pastimes like this one. So it’s a win-win, Dullblog reader.

And now I will leave you with a Beatles-related short video made by one of most wonderful contributors, the writer and performer Steve Young.