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Michael Gerber

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Michael Gerber
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From the wonderful site LiarTownUSA (h/t Jonathan Schwarz). Don’t go there unless you want to lose two hours, minimum.

I wonder if anyone’s done a whole Pet Sounds parody album? Mr. Innes, your agent is on line one.

Pet Sounds parody cover

I think they cover “Fiper in the Body.”

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  1. Avatar hologram sam wrote:

    “Robert, The Cat That Learned To Forgive Himself (and other stories) by Tathy Sparmdonner”

    I just spent the last two hours cackling and drooling over this site.

    I’d seen some excerpts on “boingboing” but never the whole meal.

  2. Nancy Carr Nancy Carr wrote:

    I so want to hear “Brenda, Stop” — almost as much as I want to hear Wings perform “Radio Shop” and “Fiper in the Body.”

    ANOTHER site to spend way too much time on . . . . .

  3. Avatar hologram sam wrote:

    I see the Beatles made LiarTownUSA’s compilation “Difficult to Strip To Hits – Vol. 1” with their ever-popular “Revolution #9”

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