John’s Vocals on Don’t Let Me Down

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Commenter Barb L. sent along this video of John’s vocals on Don’t Let Me Down, embedded below. (h/t openculture)

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  1. Chris Dingman Chris Dingman wrote:

    Very cool. I’d never heard just John and Paul together in isolation. It makes it clear that the blending of their voices was another magical element among all the ways they “fit” together. Does anyone know a harmony singer like Paul who’d like to join my band in the SF Bay Area? 🙂

  2. Avatar Karen wrote:

    That literally gave me chills. Fantastic.

  3. Avatar stew72 wrote:

    This is why I love A Toot and a Snore, “Ballad of John and Yoko,” and the early demos like “Oh, Johnny, Johnny” – with just John and Paul harmonizing, it’s like you’re hearing their composition process.

  4. Avatar Linda wrote:

    Paul had/has this natural ability to harmonize. He could immediately hear the melody and start singing harmony. This was something that John depended upon, whether he knew it or not. In my band, our drummer had this talent. I would sing lead and she would just harmonize. Our voices blended beautifully, and she did it without effort. It came naturally. That is what John and Paul shared, and in the three-part harmonies, with George. In this video, John must teach Phil Spector the harmony for “Oh Yoko.” I don’t know for sure, but I am betting he never taught Paul the harmony part on anything, nor did Paul have to teach John what harmonies to sing.
    In this audio (from Anthology) listen to how beautiful the isolated voices of all three Beatles on “Because.” They overdubbed it twice so it is actually nine voices. (Someone’s favorite number.) Does anyone out there know if Paul and John ever specifically taught each other the harmony parts?

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