Wings Over Switzerland cover
The first sign that this bootleg is a bit weirder than usual is the cover—not the straightforward band photo used on many bootlegs of this show, which features Paul in a remarkably hideous pink shirt. That whoever put together this cover thought it would be cool to paste a square-shaped snapshot of Linda’s head over that of a painted angel who is facing a different direction is a signal, friends, of more weirdness ahead.

Wings Over Switzerland back

The back cover may lull you into a false sense of security. Here, at least, is the standard tracklist for bootlegs of this show. And the bus photo is standard-issue McCartney goofiness, making it clear that going out on the road small-time with Wings at this point is Magical Mystery Tour Part Deux in the bandleader’s mind.

Wings Over Switzerland discs

What’s a “Fiper”? I want one

But open the case, and behold THIS tracklist!

Vol. 1

It True
We Know That
Speed Travels
Fiper in the Body
Take Place
Quick as Thought
Week to Send
Wednesday Night
Thought Back Down

Vol. 2

Surprised and Hurt
Hurry Don’t Go
Unjustly Treated
Important Man
One Afternoon
Radio Shop
Pointed Out
Hum It To Me
Quite Depressed

Oh, if only these discs really did contain unreleased Wings songs so titled. What I wouldn’t give to hear “Week To Send” or “Fiper In the Body.” (That last one is a “Girls School” type rocker, I feel sure.) “Surprised and Hurt” and “Unjustly Treated” could show McCartney in a Lennonesque mood, while “Radio Shop” and “Important Man” could be slice-of-life story songs.

I feel like emailing these titles to MPL and seeing if they inspire McCartney. I especially want to hear “Radio Shop.”

(I also love that the accurate tracklisting has “I would moon of Kentucky” rather than “Blue Moon of Kentucky.)