Wings Over an Alternate Universe

Wings Over Switzerland cover
The first sign that this bootleg is a bit weirder than usual is the cover—not the straightforward band photo used on many bootlegs of this show, which features Paul in a remarkably hideous pink shirt. That whoever put together this cover thought it would be cool to paste a square-shaped snapshot of Linda’s head over that of a painted angel who is facing a different direction is a signal, friends, of more weirdness ahead.

Wings Over Switzerland back

The back cover may lull you into a false sense of security. Here, at least, is the standard tracklist for bootlegs of this show. And the bus photo is standard-issue McCartney goofiness, making it clear that going out on the road small-time with Wings at this point is Magical Mystery Tour Part Deux in the bandleader’s mind.

Wings Over Switzerland discs

What’s a “Fiper”? I want one

But open the case, and behold THIS tracklist!

Vol. 1

It True
We Know That
Speed Travels
Fiper in the Body
Take Place
Quick as Thought
Week to Send
Wednesday Night
Thought Back Down

Vol. 2

Surprised and Hurt
Hurry Don’t Go
Unjustly Treated
Important Man
One Afternoon
Radio Shop
Pointed Out
Hum It To Me
Quite Depressed

Oh, if only these discs really did contain unreleased Wings songs so titled. What I wouldn’t give to hear “Week To Send” or “Fiper In the Body.” (That last one is a “Girls School” type rocker, I feel sure.) “Surprised and Hurt” and “Unjustly Treated” could show McCartney in a Lennonesque mood, while “Radio Shop” and “Important Man” could be slice-of-life story songs.

I feel like emailing these titles to MPL and seeing if they inspire McCartney. I especially want to hear “Radio Shop.”

(I also love that the accurate tracklisting has “I would moon of Kentucky” rather than “Blue Moon of Kentucky.)

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  1. Avatar Stew wrote:

    That pink shirt … Wow. Do you own this bootleg? Do you plan to?

    If you send that track list to MPL, one of those titles will become Paul’s next tour name or album title.

  2. Avatar Nancy Carr wrote:

    Stew, I do own this bootleg — those are my CDs I scanned in. I can therefore sorrowfully confirm that the tracks are actually as listed on the back cover; no alternate-universe tunes included.

    Yeah, that pink shirt. One of the ugliest things Paul’s ever worn (and its up against some real competition). That design around the neck just kills me. Plus that wicker chair and the random rug make it look like they shot this in somebody’s basement.

    I’m betting some powerful herbs were involved.

  3. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    I suppose a bit off-topic, but don’t know how else to convey my message: I trust you are going to make a comment soon on this webite regarding McCartney’s recent 1 hour special appearance on Colbert show Wednesday night. What an outstanding show, totally first rate! Great music performances, fantastic interview (Colbert’s questions are those of a devout fan). I’m expecting y’all to present a thorough breakdown of the show, as well as a hearty “heads-up” for all true Beatles fans

  4. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    What does Fiper In The Body sound like?

  5. Avatar SCBrain wrote:

    Beg pardon – are these titles strange translations of real Wings tunes, or is this CD a fake; pictures of Wings on the cover, but someone else’s music on the disc? Do the discs contain recordings of a Wings concert from the early 1970s?

  6. Avatar Nancy Carr wrote:

    Alas, J.R. and SCBrain, the discs actually contain the tracks listed on the back of the CD case (“Bip Bop,” “Smile Away,” “Mumbo,” “Give Ireland Back to the Irish,” etc.). It’s impossible to see “It True,” “We Know That,””Speed Travels,” and “Fiper in the Body” as mistranslations of those titles in any know Earth language — I can’t explain how the wacko titles ended up on the disc labels. The only information about the place of manufacture is “Made in Westem-Germany.” [“Montreux” is also spelled “Monyreux.”]

    I would love to know who put these titles on this disc, and all the how and why of it. All my Googling efforts produced only a copy of the same for sale on German eBay, so I’m none the wiser. Whoever’s selling it there doesn’t realize the titles are fake.

    Anon, I didn’t see the Colbert report; if you’re so inclined, you might write up your own report and send it in as a comment. Michael G might put it up!

    June 14, 2013 at 4:54 PM

  7. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    I would TOTALLY buy a new Paul album or attend a McCartney tour titled “Fiper In The Body”…I would imagine a song like that would sound like “Biker Like an Icon”.

    I love unintentionally funny mistranslations!

  8. […] I think they cover “Body in the Fiper.” […]

  9. Avatar Pidpoo wrote:

    @Nancy. Extraordinary that you own this bootleg…However, let an old boomer who grew up in the seventies help you about Paul’s shirt color. The unisex fad was all the rage in the seventies and pink shirts on men were totally in style then. Once his work dress code loosened up, even my father even wore a pink shirt to work to the bank in the seventies and he wore his pink shirt to church. Daddy had a peach shirt as well, like Paul wore bright orange ones in seventies. Likewise, my much older brother wore pink shirts. Gender barriers and expectations and strictly defined sexual attire as they related to acceptable male colors was part of this and that decade was the gender bending one, for celebs and for average folks. Thus, the androgynous unisex shag hair cuts for males and females were in style in the very early to mid seventies, that later decades call the mullet. I had a shag wig, was originally called the London shag cut. Because styles for men are much more conservative today, folks are less tolerant of these then in style male hair and colors.

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