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Not only did we not do the seemingly obligatory “Paul is 70” post, we are going to share with you the following much less well-noted events: “Rishikesh George” made of felt (via Dangerous Minds)–

Rishikesh George by Felt Mistress

Rishikesh George by Felt Mistress

–as well as the sad news of Victor Spinetti’s death. I always feel a slight resentment towards the people of my childhood imagination when they die, but I am trying not to hold it against him. He was 82. Lord knows how old that makes me. Best not to think about it.

I met Vic once (that’s what people were calling him so that’s what I’m typing, I’m not show-bizzing you) at my beloved rep-movie theater, the Aero. They were showing A Hard Day’s Night and How I Won the War. He gave an long, pleasant interview between films. After he was finished, I pigeonholed Vic and said, “You ought to do a little ebook, just about your times with The Beatles. You’d sell a bunch of ’em. I know I’d buy one.” He looked at me and said, “What’s an ebook?” and before I could explain, the tide of fans had swept him away.

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  1. Avatar Nancy Carr wrote:

    Victor Spinetti is one of my favorite parts of “A Hard Day’s Night.” The mohair sweater he wore in that film should be bronzed — not since Desdemona’s handkerchief has a single article of clothing borne such dramatic weight!

    George: “Look at that sweater. I bet his wife knitted it for him.”
    John: “She probably knitted him.”

  2. 1000% agree, Nancy.

    Victor Spinetti is one of the places where The Beatles close connection with 50s/60s British comedy shows through most clearly.

    If I wrote an ebook on that, I wonder if anyone would read it.

  3. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    Michael, if you wrote a book like that…you could, dare I say it…rule the world.

  4. damn you, JR, now I have to DO it!


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