Does Ringo Starr have a tattoo?

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I was rather aimlessly watching this video on YouTube last night — I feel a Klaus Voormann obsession coming on, so get ready for a lot of Klaus stuff on the site — when I saw something that I had to share.

Does Ringo Starr have a tattoo? Look at about 9:05 of the video. Is that a tattoo or just a helluva bruise? (Holy shit, it’s a tattoo. He’s apparently got two — on the left inner arm is a shooting star crossing a moon, and on the right is a cross surrounded by a lotus flower. Pics, brothers and sisters, we need PICTURES!)

See for yourself!

The whole video’s worth watching, btw. Paul uses the Epiphone from “Paperback Writer,” and shows off various instruments he bought from Studio Two (or maybe he just backed up a van… 🙂

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  1. Avatar Shelly Trent wrote:

    Here is the website with closeups of his tats.

  2. Avatar jim wrote:

    i can say no more…

  3. Nancy Carr Nancy Carr wrote:

    Those are very “Ringo” tattoos, I’d say.
    It’s nice to see McCartney and Voorman hanging out and talking like this. No hard feelings about things that went down in the late 60s/early 70s, apparently — and that’s how it should be. Wish it were that way more often.

    • There was bad blood? Not so surprising, really, given that Klaus and John were so close, and john was administering loyalty tests to everyone during that period. Klaus is a Nilsson pal, too.

      • Nancy Carr Nancy Carr wrote:

        Or at least the potential for it — Voorman played on “How Do You Sleep?” and after the Beatles breakup there was chatter about the possibility of a group to be called “The Ladders” featuring Lennon, Harrison, Starr, and Voorman. These days I’m always happy to see people getting along and putting a less-than-perfect past behind them, though I have no real knowledge of how McCartney and Voorman felt about each other around the time of the breakup and just afterwards.

  4. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    I love this Voorman illustration, titled simply “Abbey Road”

  5. Avatar Michelle wrote:

    IMO Klaus Voorman was a better bassist than he was an artist. Not really a fan of his Beatles caricatures at all and if you had to pick worst Beatles album cover, it would be Revolver. It’s drab, doesn’t do the music inside justice and the Beatles themselves could have done better. Sorry.

    • @Michelle, horses for courses, as they say — but I work with a lot of amazing illustrators, and Klaus strikes me as in that rank. He’s clearly not your taste, which is fair. 🙂

  6. Avatar Michelle wrote:

    David Spinoza and Hugh McCracken played on the ‘Ram’ album and John didn’t hold that against them.

  7. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    Klaus Voorman was a better bassist than he was an artist.

    I really like the illustrations Voorman did for the first RINGO album. (Hard to believe back then a few bucks could buy me an album including illustrated books within a gatefold, posters, printed lyrics and all sorts of extras. What a time it was!)
    I wonder if Stu Sutcliffe would have assumed the role of the official Beatles illustrator if he’d lived. Drawing the Revolver album cover, perhaps even designing the Sgt. Pepper’s cover.
    I really like Voorman’s “Abbey Road” illustration, though. The one I linked to above.

    • @Sam, I think Stu’s painting was much too abstract for him to be the official Beatles illustrator — though I betcha John would’ve muscled him into doing an album cover or two.
      I dunno; I work with a lot of great illustrators, and Klaus seems top-notch to me. I can’t speak to his bass playing.

  8. Avatar Michelle wrote:

    Klaus’ bass was pretty good on POB and Imagine, but I prefer Gordon Edwards’ playing on Mind Games. McCartney-esque in parts.

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