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(We all live in a) Twitter Submarine

Yesterday, my dear wife learned via Twitter that a group of people would be queueing up the 80s Henson-and-Bowie fever-dream Labrynith on Netflix at 4:00 pm PST, and then live-tweeting it. She had a ball, and it got me to thinking: should we do this on Hey Dullblog?

Unfortunately the only directly Beatle-ish offerings on Netflix are Nowhere Boy and Good Ol’ Freda, either of which would be fun, but not the crazed free-for-all of, say, The Beatles Anthology. If we widen it out a bit, there’s Who is Harry Nilsson (and Why is Everybody Talkin’ About Him?). Thin pickin’s.

Of course, if we just synced up the DVD players, we could watch anything. Anything. Even The Magic Christian.

Opinions? Put ’em in the comments.


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  1. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    Give My Regards To Broad Street.

  2. Avatar Devin McKinney wrote:

    What if we don’t have Netflix? Are we left to die in the poisoned air outside the dome of life?

  3. Avatar Dan wrote:

    Echoing J.R. — Broad Street is up on YouTube, so this is feasible!

    • I’ve actually never seen it — is there enough there to keep us occupied?

      And guys: get on Twitter. I’ve resisted it for years, but this job made me try it, and it’s really neat. Once you find who you want to follow.

  4. Avatar Devin McKinney wrote:

    I’ve been on Twitter for three years, ever since discovering that my giant publishing firm, with billions of dollars and a global sales force at its disposal, expected me to sell my own book via social-media saturation attack while they did precisely nothing.

    I respect you, Nancy, for not being a Twit or Booking your Face — even though you realize that makes you in today’s terms a social zombie, and if you try to eat my brain I won’t hesitate to take the necessary measures.

    • Nancy Carr Nancy Carr wrote:

      I just can’t deal well with any more distraction in my life, Devin. That’s on me, not on any particular platform. I promise not to eat your brain!
      I have seen Broad Street, and in my opinion there’s not much to talk about unless you want to focus on beating up McCartney for doing it. Which is fair enough — he’s responsible for it, and it’s bad. But I’m tired enough of hearing Broad Street used as a hammer to hit McCartney’s reputation on the head with that I’ve come to think of that move as a verb, “Broad Streeting.”
      So ya’ll can count me out, but if others are interested, go for it of course.
      FWIW, if I were picking a Beatles-related film to do, I’d do “Magical Mystery Tour” or “Help,” both of which are, to me, interestingly uneven.

      • Nancy, from what I saw of Kate’s Labrinyth-ing, it wasn’t particularly caustic.

        BTW, if you’re going to be in the OP this weekend, I may well be passing through.

  5. Avatar Devin McKinney wrote:

    And I haven’t seen Broad Street either.

  6. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    No U.S. Vs. John Lennon?

  7. Avatar Devin McKinney wrote:

    I could go for US vs. John Lennon. I have it on DVD and if we pick a starting time I’ll just pop it in and watch along.

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