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We’ve discussed peak Brian Wilson versus peak Beatles before, but you gotta admire the guy’s passion.

Now, clearly this is unfair. As I’ve said many times before, the scale of an LP can only be measured by examining its every dimension — packaging, conception and historical/industry impact do count — not just in terms of songwriting and performance. If you want to know the difference between Sgt. Pepper and Pet Sounds, see how SMiLE is different; Brian Wilson saw the improvements that “mere McCartney” and his own Wrecking Crew had wrought.

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I’ve been noticing a lot of site slowness on my end, for no reason. This happens about twice a month, and it usually corresponds with about a 30-50% drop in daily traffic — like people come to the site in their usual numbers, but then give up because it’s taking forever.

Has anybody else experienced this? Please help me yell at our ISP! Thank you!