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Hey folks, in another of a series of really questionable financial decisions, I’m looking to get a modern reproduction of this wonderful striped jacket worn by Paul in early 1967. Does anybody know of a color photo? I seem to remember one, and I think it’s red with cream and blue?

In a preliminary search, I unearthed this wonderful site called Beatles Style, which offers a large selection of reproductions of Beatle clothes. I WANT that Penny Lane jacket in hunting pink. This is important to me—such things are the only reason I became an adult; I made a deal with 12-year-old me, and I aim to keep it.

Similar, but intense in a slightly different way, is Beatles Suits. Are these for Beatle tribute bands? I don’t think so. I think they’re for freelance styling. Living the Beatle lifestyle, as who among us would not?

More generally, I’m looking at AtomRetro.com, and Bystander advertiser RowingBlazers.com. Perhaps what I need is a time machine.