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My Dear Dullblogisti,
Yesterday I wrote a post about Yoko Ono’s relationship to The Beatles, and how strange it seems to me—not only her needless antipathy, but also John Lennon’s—and how their marriage seemed to be founded on a mutual dismissal of/antagonism towards the idea of The Beatles. I mentioned how this puts any Beatles fan in a weird, yet seldom examined position of mentally defending the group against its founder and arguable leader. And because that’s the way it happened, no one comments on how bizarre it is.

I pulled the post down for two reasons—first, it felt like something I’d said many times before, most notably here; and second, I’d really like to quit analyzing John Lennon and his marriage, which ended 40 years ago and is none of my beeswax anyway.

But there were good comments there, and so I’m putting up this catch-all post. Just repost the same comments and we’ll leave them here. If you guys want to discuss this topic, feel free; but I am going to try not to engage with it. In return for your indulgent understanding, I give you this picture of John Lennon in a funny hat.