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Folks, I’ve been noticing certain topics growing like wild vines over the comment sections of various unrelated posts. So in the interest of housekeeping, I’d like to experiment with Open Threads. Ideally my goal is to have the comment sections hew fairly closely to the original post, so that lurkers and other quiet readers can use the comments to learn in greater depth on that topic.

This Open Thread is for discussion of conspiracy theories related to the murder of John Lennon; I will not be participating, nor will I even read this thread very closely, as I find the topic quite upsetting. But some of you do seem passionate about it and reasonably well-read on the sources, so I want to give you a place to talk.

If you don’t believe there was a conspiracy and Mark David Chapman acted alone—a completely valid stance, IMHO—go someplace else. This one space is for people to get their conspiracy ya-ya’s out.

Please don’t put this stuff on other threads; put it here. And do try to be respectful— if this gets too ad hominem, I’m going to nuke it.