Michael Gerber
Ya follow?
Painting of Paul McCartney by Eric Dee

Didn’t want the bloody thing anyway

MIKE GERBER • Paul McCartney was at last night’s Nets-76ers game, and came this close to nabbing a t-shirt from one of those slingshots.

So the next time you think, “Geez, some people have all the luck,” remember, not all of it. Some people become world-famous billionaire geniuses, and others get a free t-shirt.

PS—The shirt reads: “I sat near Paul McCartney and all I got was…”
PPS—THINK OF THE ODDS! First, you have to go to the game, and Paul has to go to the game. Then, out of all the combinations of 20,000 seats, you both have to sit very close. Then, he has to miss the t-shirt, and you have to catch it. It’s mind-boggling.
PPPS—Imagining Yoko in the same situation makes me giggle for some reason.