Death and the Beatles Fan

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I hope this fan is still with us.

I hope this fan is still with us.

Stephen Kennedy’s “Death and the Beatles Fan” has been called a Beatles-themed parody of The Seventh Seal… which makes it catnip for yours truly. (Seventh Seal is my mother’s favorite movie, which I guess explains all my therapists.) Anyway, “Death and the Beatles Fan” was broadcast on Ireland’s RTE Radio One last weekend; and reader Linda has kindly sent a link where you can listen to the play online.

Tell us what you think in the comments! And brush up on your chess, it’s later than you think.


Stephen Kennedy next to the Lennon statue in Liverpool.

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  1. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    The fucking Frog Chorus!! I didn’t see that coming.

  2. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    I liked the dialogue: “You’re Death! You can do shit!”
    So apparently the key to longevity is not exercise and the Mediterranean Diet. It’s HeyDullBlog and the Lewisohn books. And no handshakes. Fistbump, like Ringo. (I read he refuses to shake hands anymore. Too many germs.)
    The play reminded me of all the trivia we carry around with us, each with our own weird specialties. I remember watching Jeopardy one night, and one of the categories was “W.C. Fields”. I shivered with anticipation because I knew I’d sweep the category, but for some reason the contestants wouldn’t touch it and Trebek ran out of time. I never got my chance to impress my wife.
    When the Grim Reaper finally shows up at my door I’ll try to impress and repel him with my knowledge of the Fab Four as well as early 20th century comedy. If it works I’ll let you all know.

  3. Avatar Water Falla wrote:

    That was hilarious and so entertaining. I feel like Tony sticking up for Paul McCartney and George Martin regarding “the cult of John Lennon”. And answering along with Tony during the match wits with death except I would have went down on the second answer, and if death had of gave me a pass with that, counting up the actual days of John’s life would have surely done me in (I’m lousy in math) but IF I had of used Tony’s answer I would have went to the mat arguing that John was born in Liverpool but died in New York City therefore, THAT is the count that should be used. And going to the mat with that, death would have claimed me the second I’d try to pin it down on the mat. So, “good!” Death got the frog chorus. But I like the frog chorus, it’s a song written for children not for aging rockers looking another reason to knock McCartney’s rock cred. I must sound like a crazy woman lol!

  4. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    R.I.P. Prince Buster

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