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In a rather shocking display of feckless self-absorption, I just discovered in my inbox a months-old email touting the musical performance Lennon: Through a Glass Onion. Musicians John R. Waters and Stewart D’Arietta are performing a slate of Lennon’s work — written both with and without his Beatles — at the Union Square Theatre, on 100 East 17th Street.

Just the kind of thing Dullblog readers would want to know about, right? Apparently not. Apparently my disjointed mewlings are far more important than an actual professional performer, singing and playing some of John Lennon’s songs, for cash money, in Lennon’s adopted hometown.

I tells ya, we’ve got some pretty peculiar editorial priorities around here… but you already knew that.

There’s still about a week of performances left — Lennon: Through a Glass Onion closes its New York run February 28th. Then it’s going on to Australia in April, May and June.

You can learn more about the show at its website, lennononstage.com; the reviews seem quite good. To give you a taste of the show, here’s a performance of “Give Peace a Chance,” celebrating John Lennon’s 74th birthday, last October.