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Paul mustache hard days night

Paul in “A Hard Day’s Night,” foreshadowing the Beatles’ hirsute future.

In an example of Beatle fandom amped to a truly Dullbloggian intensity, I offer “The Beatles Mustache Index.”

Can you spot any mistakes? I think I found one: the picture of Ringo with Geoff Emerick says that “[Ringo] shaves everything off and starts fresh before the “Hey Bulldog” recording sessions, but otherwise he has a moustache from 1966-thru 1970 and beyond.” And then, not two pictures later, we see Ringo clean-shaven (July 8, 1968).”

So did he shave directly prior to February 11, 1968, and then again directly prior to July 8th? What goes on, indeed!

Perhaps there are some clues hidden in the LPs…?

Share your favorite Beatles facial hair in the comments, if you wish.