Global Beatles Day 2020

Tomorrow–June 25–is Global Beatles Day. Begun in 2009, this is a day “honoring and celebrating the phenomenon and ideals of the Beatles,  collectively and individually, for their gifts to the world including their promotion of peace and love, of truth and youth, and of the expansion of human consciousness.”

This specific day was chosen because it’s the anniversary of the Beatles’ performing “All You Need Is Love” live on the BBC program Our World, in 1967, using the first live satellite TV link.

If we ever needed a time to promote peace, love, truth, youth, and the expansion of human consciousness, I’d say we require one in 2020. The Global Beatles Day site says the day is “not intended to be a consumerist holiday nor a day of ‘fandom.’ It is  a worldwide thank you and demonstration of love in honor of The Beatles.”

Here’s a short menu of ideas for how you might choose to celebrate Global Beatles Day. Please add your own thoughts in the comments!

Have a Beatles-themed cocktail with someone you care for (in person or virtually), courtesy of The Martini Diva.

Watch and sing along with the Beatles’ original broadcast of “All You Need Is Love.”

Admire these Beatles cakes, and perhaps be inspired to create your own.

Learn more about how to make wise decisions when donating to causes that promote social justice.

Consider virtual volunteering opportunities in your community.

Write “All You Need Is Love” on your sidewalk in chalk.

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  1. Avatar kristy wrote:

    Huh, the woman who started that lives in my hometown. 🙂 I hadn’t heard of it before — her story seems to point to a love of all Beatles, though, which is also good, even if it’s not a fandom holiday per se.
    Those cakes are AMAZING. So many are Abbey-Road themed, because of the iconicism of the cover, I suppose, but I enjoy in particular the other themed cakes, like the “Help!” outlines cake, or the Sgt. Pepper theme. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Avatar Alejandra wrote:

    Good to know about Beatles Global Day, so thanks. Great ideas for the day but like Mother Nature’s Son
    song says maybe I… all day long I’ll be sitting singing songs for everyone.
    Sit beside a mountain stream.
    See her waters rise.
    Listen to the pretty sound of music as she flies.
    Seems a good plan to me. Have a nice day!

  3. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    I clicked the above link to the original broadcast of “All You Need Is Love” and it’s been taken down by apple for copyright reasons!

    Anyway. The biggest inspiration I take from the Beatles is the extra effort they put in. Like in their songwriting. Rather than saying “Okay, we got our three chords and some rhyming words, let’s cut this record and call it a day” they said “Let’s add a catchy middle eight. Let’s use this chord progression; it’s different than what Fabian and Bobby Rydell are doing.”

    Or when offered a movie, they said “We want a good screenwriter and director. We don’t want to do the Elvis movie thing.”

    So I try to go the extra mile. It could be the simplest task or it could be a major undertaking. I try (in my own little way) to be a Beatle and do it better.

  4. Hey guys, please check out this Beatles Abbey Rd. Cover: Mean Mr. Mustard – Polythene Pam – She Came In Through the Bathroom Window

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