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Available on Amazon or wherever good Beatles books are sold.

After commenter Rob raved over it in this comment, I was reminded that I’ve been meaning to hip you all to something for a while. Longtime Dullblog commenter Erin Weber has written a book called The Beatles and the Historians, which anybody who loves this site will eat up with a spoon. In Erin’s words, the book is “an overview of how Beatles’ history has been written over time, the biases, errors, and mistakes within them, and also some of the very valuable works that have been written on the band.”

Erin’s own blog is here. I’m totally crazy with Bystander, but if there is desire for a review, I’ll see if I can twist Nancy or Devin’s arm. And maybe we can get Erin to come on and answer some questions.

Please, Rob and others — drop your thoughts on The Beatles and the Historians in the comments. And congratulations to Erin for writing such a necessary, desperately needed book.