It’s that time again! Yes, another post on housekeeping from Hey Dullblog headquarters. I have two things to highlight:

  1. We do not and will not publish abusive comments. (Note: this is not directed at anyone who has posted recently on the blog.) This morning I trashed a few of these; today’s targets were John Lennon and a commenter. Be assured that Michael and I have zero tolerance for posts that feature name calling or insults.
  2. Courtesy and giving people the benefit of the doubt go a long, long way, as I’ve said before. Speaking for myself, I’ve never thought “I should have flamed that person’s comment harder,” but I have thought “Wow, why I did I come in so hot on this?”

I like to think of this blog as a kind of house party, where we’re all hanging out together and sharing thoughts (I envision the Beatles’ townhouses in Help!, which are all interconnected once you open one of the front doors.) I greatly appreciate all of you who approach this place in a similar spirit.