Man Plays Yesterday During Brain Surgery

Michael Gerber
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I just had to forward this. Yeah, he’s kinda slow on some of the chord changes, but…STILL IMPRESSIVE.

I’m putting this into the category “Beatle-inspired” because, holy moley that’s fandom.

Somewhere, John Lennon is miffed because the guy isn’t playing “I Am the Walrus.”

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  1. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    Paul McCartney speaks frankly about Lennon, Yoko, and touring in this new interview.
    He explains the whole songwriting credit thing and it sounds more than reasonable to me.

  2. Avatar linda a. wrote:

    I read that article. Thanks for posting the link here. That was a good idea because there are so many thoughtful commenters here. I agree with you that McCartney’s comments were reasonable regarding the song writing credits. In fact I’ve always thought Yoko’s unwillingness on this issue was a power play.

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