Ringo and Paul raid the costume box

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Hey Dullblog readers,

Today I share with you the greatest, most ridiculous Beatle pictures that might exist anywhere.tumblr_m4iv8xt7ox1qdajm7o1_400  tumblr_m4iv8xt7ox1qdajm7o2_1280

What is the context for these?  I have NO idea (I randomly found them on tumblr).  And I love them so much BECAUSE I have no context for them.

Please do not rain on my parade and explain them, unless your explanation is completely fictional and matches the absurdity of the images themselves.  In which case, a pair of chaps and a ten gallon hat goes to the winner of the caption contest.

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  1. Just headed out for dinner and erm, cocktails at the Stonewall?

  2. Avatar Chantal wrote:

    Previously unreleased photos of early Brokeback Mountain auditions leaked.

  3. Avatar Water Falls wrote:

    @Sir Hudd Fudd & @ Chantal, regarding your comments; LMAO!!

    1st pic,Ringo to photographer: “Hey bloke, did I say you could take me picture?”
    Paul mutters to Ringo under his breath: ” I swear I heard him say that we were with the Village People convention!”

    2nd pic, Ringo to Paul in his best John Wayne voice: “Mac, you’re in me persnull space! Whad die tellya ’bout me persnull space?! This space ain’t bigganuff for da boffa us!
    Paul to Ringo: “Smile away! Then let’s get outta here!”

  4. Avatar ChelseaQW wrote:

    These are all great! but that prize is still up for grabs… keep em coming

  5. Chris Dingman Chris Dingman wrote:

    At a certain point during the post-Mystery Tour rancor, Paul and Ringo got so fed up with the bickering that they started a side-project, which they dubbed The Buckin’ Beatles. (Originally, both “Rocky Raccoon” and “Don’t Pass Me By” were intended for their debut album.) In the new band, Paul would play all the instruments and Ringo would sing. These are a couple of their promo shots, which also put to rest all questions about Paul’s bisexuality.

  6. Karen Hooper Karen Hooper wrote:

    “The Buckin’ Beatles. (Originally, both “Rocky Raccoon” and “Don’t Pass Me By” were intended for their debut album.)”

    This made me laugh out loud, truly . 🙂

  7. Avatar Peter Deville wrote:

    Some things should stay in the closet.

  8. Avatar Water Falls wrote:

    Is this where they are holding Beatles look-a-like competition?

  9. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    I think these are promotional pics from “The Cooler”, a promotional film for Ringo’s album “Stop and Smell The Roses”. It’s unintentionally funny, sort of a proto-Give My Regards to Broad Street—terrible in a good way. It also stars Linda McCartney and Barbara Bach.

    Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rKkEoxX0AI

  10. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    I might add that “The Cooler” raises an interesting psychological question: Does Ringo Starr have a dominatrix fetish?

  11. Avatar ChelseaQW wrote:

    J.R., you are not playing by the rules!

  12. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    I couldn’t help myself…”The Cooler” is, to use a McCartney song title of the same era, “SO BAD”.

  13. Avatar Water Falls wrote:

    Sorry but I’m gonna recycle this one again with a slight change.
    pic 2) Ringo to Paul, John Wayne or Gary Cooper voice:

    “Mac, what die tellya ’bout me persnull space? This space ain’t bigganuff for da boffa us!”
    “You got 24 hours to git outta me persnull space!!”

    Paul to Ringo: “Back off Boogaloo!

  14. Nancy Carr Nancy Carr wrote:

    Ist pic: (in chorus) “But . . . we were told there was a “hottest mustache” contest here tonight!”

    2nd: (Paul to Ringo): “YES I took your rose — you know I can’t resist putting them in my mouth!”

  15. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    Down Strawberry Lane (with the incomparable Bonnie Baker)

    • Avatar Water Falls wrote:

      @Hologram Sam, thank you for this video which title is a cute mesh of Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane
      I wasn’t aware of an actress/singer with name Bonnie Parker, (only aware of the notorious one) I googled the name and only the 1930s gangstress or gangsteress (made up words) popped up, with actresses who’ve portrayed the criminal one, but not the singer/actress of this video.

  16. Avatar Water Falls wrote:

    1st pic) “This is our close up right?”
    2nd pic) Ringo: “Now here’s me good side.”
    _______Paul: “Not to be conceited here, but I’m told I have no bad sides.” Grins sheepishly.

  17. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    Wildly off-topic, but I just learned the actress Sue Johnston, who plays Gladys Denker on Downton Abbey (she’s the dowager’s maid feuding with Spratt the butler) used to work for Brian Epstein and dated a member of the Swinging Blue Jeans!
    Ahh, the sixties…

  18. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    Water Falls,
    Bonnie Baker’s voice was described as “like a tiny silver bell, soft but tonally true” and my favorite of her songs is “Go Away, Can’t You See I’m Dreaming”. At one point in her career they called her “Wee Bonnie Baker” because of her height (about 4’11”) She retired from showbiz in 1965, and worked as a telephone switchboard operator in Ft. Lauderdale. She passed away in 1990.

  19. Avatar Water Falls wrote:

    Thanks for info Hologram Sam. I just noticed that I mis-read her name as Bonnie Parker, instead of Bonnie Baker.
    Don’t I feel silly!

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